8 Wild-Bloodthirsty Books like Blood Meridian

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Searching for more books like Blood Meridian? You’ve come to the right place. If you liked ‘Blood Meridian’, here some read-alike book recommendations for you. We have compiled a list of Western novels that are sure to meet your needs and be just as captivating, if not more so than McCarthy’s classic.

The list of Fierce books will quite work on your needs. You will find books similar to Blood Meridian on this list, written by more authors like ‘Cormac McCarthy.

‘Blood Meridian’ is a Wild West novel published in 1985. Time magazine put the ‘Blood Meridian’ in its “TIME 100 Best English-language Novels” from 1923 to 2005. In 2006, The New York Times carried out a poll of authors and critics concerning the most important works in American fiction from the past 25 years, and ‘Blood Meridian’ was actually a second best. The list of books like Blood Meridian that we have put together is equivalently majestic.

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The Road

Mccarthy Cormac

Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace

Postmodern Literature

Moby Dick

Herman Melville

Adventure Fiction

American Psycho

Bret Easton Ellis

Postmodern Literature

Lonesome Dove

Larry McMurtry

Western fiction

Wise Blood

Flannery O’Connor

Southern Gothic

No Country for Old Men

Cormac McCarthy

Psychological Fiction

True Grit

Charles Portis

Western Fiction


We also review some books that are written by authors like Cormac McCarthy. Though, they are actually not from the same genre, they are written by some very brilliant authors who should certainly be on your radar. 

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Blood Meridian Summary

‘Cormac McCarthy’ is one of the biggest names in the American Southern Gothic and Anti-Western literature. Set in the 19th century, this Wild West novel paints an unforgettable picture of life on America’s frontier. It follows a morally dubious and morally complex character with grim stark scenes of dissolution and hopelessness. 

‘Blood Meridian’ or the ‘Evening Redness in the West’ was published in 1985. It follows the historical account of white scalp hunters in the late ’40s and early ’50s of the 19th centuries who were massacring native villages on the border of Southwestern USA and Mexico.

This was a very lawless time and place as there was no central authority to enforce any law. It was a constant and very violent bloody jostling of power between the American government and Mexican government and various outlaws and abandoned groups and the various native American tribes that natively inhabited these areas. 

The book’s main protagonist is nature and the landscape that are dark and processed by demons and devils. These are the adjectives Cormac McCarthy uses to describe the surroundings.

Blood Meridian book’s plot takes place around the 1850’s, weaving a hallucinatory narrative about a young kid Tennessee referred to only as ‘The kid’. The boy was born in Kentucky. He was raised in an environment filled with mindless violence. We follow him as he travels the country through the wild west.

Though, he first joined the American Army who ventured deep into Mexican territory. Almost everyone gets slaughtered by Native Americans. After several violent turns of events, The Kid finds himself amidst the gang called ‘The Glanton Gang.’

‘The Glanton Gang’ was a real-life gang of outlaws, misfits, criminals, rapists, ex-mercenaries, ex-soldiers who scalped Native Americans for profit. However, ‘The Glanton Gang’ started as a group of contract killers where they scalped Native Americans for the local Mexican government to expand their territorial holdings. As the story progresses, this purely monetary exchange quickly devolves to the mindless origins of violence.

At the center of all this bloodshed and violence is a man called ‘The Judge’. The judge is one of the most fascinating characters of this Novel. The one that manipulates a field of sexuality and almost immortal with broad knowledge. The one that describes himself as the one that never sleeps and will never die. 

Simply put, this book is messed up; it intended to disturb the reader on so many different levels. To me, At some point, this book is the stuff of nightmares. You have, on the one hand, blood-curdling violence, but also, on the other hand, there is a very steady visceral sobering reflection of the human condition. 

8 Best Historical Fiction Books Like Blood Meridian

Here we includes 8 examples of historical fiction books that you may find similar to Blood Meridian –

The Road, by McCarthy Cormac

‘The Road‘ is about a man and his son struggling in a post-apocalyptic world. This world has been torn by nuclear fire, shattered by atomic blasts’ shockwaves, and littered about by radioactive fallout. 

Their mother and or wife has given up the will to live and killed herself shortly after the story begins. Another thing that is also not disclosed is how the nuclear war came about and responsible for that.

Because the book makes it clear that these things do not make a difference, what only matters is the survival of The prime characters and what they must face to preserve their character to stay alive.

The major theme of this story is carrying fire which is to say doing the right thing even when it seems pointless or useless because, in reality doing the right things is always good.

Though doing the right things is difficult, these two are forced to face many obstacles to keep justice alive. I put this book on the list “Books like Blood Meridian” because this book is written by the same author Cormac McCarthy.

Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace

Infinite Jest is written by David Foster published in 1996. This book is so important and receives so much attention that when people of the future look at the 90s or the internet generation or the cable tv generation, they’re going to think about Infinite Jest. 

The story starts as we follow a few characters’ lives as they revolve around a single central thing. Mostly, this book takes place in Boston in a slightly disturbing future in which America, Canada, and Mexico are all combined to create a union of nations.

However, The actions are in two places, one is a tennis academy for middle school and high school players who become pros most likely. The second one is a halfway house for drug and alcohol addicts who are recovering. If you like Infinite Jest, you can check this list of books like Infinite Jest.

Moby Dick, by Herman Melville

If you like Cormac Mccarthy, you may like the writings of Herman Melville. Moby Dick was first published in 1851 in London. This book is not the other fierce books like Blood Meridian but the storyline is awesome.

A mountain is separating two lakes. A room papered floor to ceiling with bridal satins. The lid of an immense snuffbox. So, these relatively irrelevant images take us on a tour of a sperm whale’s head in Herman Melville’s Moby dick. 

The book is a story of Captain Ahab’s hunt for revenge against Moby Dick, the white whale who snapped his leg. But through the book coming with pirates, typhoons, high-speed chases, and sea serpents, you should not expect a conventional seafaring adventure.

Instead, it’s a multilayered exploration of not only the intimate facts of life aboard a whaling ship but also subject from across human and nature, by turn playful and tragic, humorous and urgent.

American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis

American Psycho is a novel from the early 90s written by Bret Easton, one of the great American authors like Cormac McCarthy. Moreover, This is one of the bloodthirsty books like Blood Meridian. 

It’s a first-person character study of a 27 years old wall state investment banker who happens to be a serial killer. The book is composed of his erotic thoughts displayed in excruciating detail. His name is Patric Bateman. The film adaptation is a black comedy cult classic with an indisputably perfect performance by Christian Bale.

Most people don’t even read the book, but they should because it’s not about the sickness of conformity and the unimportance of trends, it’s the personal statement by its author himself. 

Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry

This book is part of four books which are just related fictional works written by Larry McMurtry. Regarding the book series, Lonesome Dove is the third book chronologically. But this is the first book of the Lonesome Dove book series, McMurtry wrote and published.

Lonesome Dove‘s book follows the story of Hat creek cattle company and their 3000 miles trek from Texas to Montana. The reason they decided to go on that trek is that they are old’s rangering buddy Jake Spoon shows up in the Lonesome Dove one day.

Jake proposed to take a cattle drive to Montana because the area is completely unsettled, and they have a chance to earn millions. 

Lonesome Dove practically is a Western lower the rings because you follow Lonesome Dove characters over a long, tedious quest. You get to learn about them throughout as they face trials and tribulations, whether it can be Indians or the weather or wildlife.

Already read Larry Mcmurty’s Lonesome Dove?? Then check the list of books related to Lonesome Dove here.

Wise Blood, by Flannery O’Connor

Wise Blood is a Southern gothic novel that was written in the 1950s. This book is much more about Christianity. This is not a condemnation of Christianity or religion in any way. It’s much more of a discussion about Christianity and its place in society.

Wise Blood book tells Hazel Motes’s story; a man dresses like a preacher and gets angry with people who think him a preacher. But, he decides to start preaching a church without Christ, which is a search for the truth. He thinks that religion is too bogged down with all these Jesus staffs.

He’s quite disturbed by people trying to use Christianity for economic and personal gains. He thinks that this is why religion has been bogged out, so he is just searching for the truths. 

No Country for Old Men, by Cormac McCarthy

‘No country for Old Men’ was published in 2005 by Cormac McCarthy. You may have seen the movie, the book follows. 

Down in the SouthWest side of Texas, country boy Llewelyn Moss rolls through desert hunting antelope when he finds bodies falling everywhere. He finds that they are all drug dealers. However, He finds a leather case there full of cash, around 2.4 million dollars. Especially, the way the story unfolds to me is brilliant, and I think the ending is utterly amazing.

True Grit, by Charles Portis

People don’t give it acceptance that a fourteen-year-old girl could leave home and go off in the wintertime to take revenge on her father’s blood.

Tom Chaney, who shot her father down in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and robbed him of his life, his horse, and a hundred and fifty dollars in cash and two California gold pieces that he carried. Published in 1952, True Grit is written by a great author, Charles Portis. 

Bonus Book Of interest:

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, by Hunter S. Thompson

The main title is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – a savage journey to the heart of the American dream. This book was first published in 1972 but originally appeared as a two-part series in Rolling Stone in 1971. The book is written in a Gonzo journalism style which Hunter S. Thompson mentions in 1970.

‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ describes a trip Hunter S. Thompson takes Las Vegas with the attorney to cover mint 400 and a district attorney conference. This is basically a drug trip. So, they take all kinds of drugs, and you will get a list of all the different drugs they take. And you get a description of what it does to you.

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We have a lot of events going on in Las Vegas with the mint 400 that Thompson is trying to cover but fails even to remember. Overall the whole novel is a combination of reporting on the trip. And reporting on drugs done to you and how the world looks with drugs and what kind of drugs do what.

Butcher’s Crossing, by John Williams

This is a western novel by John Williams, which follows Will Andrews, a young college student inspired by Emerson’s lecture, and so, decides to head west to a small western town called ‘Butcher’s crossing’

When he arrives at Butcher’s crossing, he meets a group of hiding hunters who take advantage of this susceptible and young man and convince him to join a hunting expedition to a secluded valley to track down an immense herd of buffalo. The western landscape plays an important part in this novel because it profoundly affects Andrews.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our list of 8 Wild-Bloodthirsty Books like Blood Meridian. If so, please share the post with your friends and family who might be interested in these great reads. You can also check out more from this author on Amazon by clicking here!

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