5 Fantasy Fiction Books like City of Bones

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Are you looking for a book that is all about adventure and Urban fiction?

Looking for books that will take you till the end with fantasy? Yes, I’m talking about ‘City of Bones’ and some similar books like City of Bones.

In this article, I will review the first book of The Mortal Instrument series and the books similar to City of Bones.

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City of Bones Summary

The book begins with two friends, ‘Clary Fray’ and ‘Simon Lewis’, going to a New York City club. While they’re dancing inside, three mysterious figures all park strange runes covering their bodies, following a boy.

So, she quickly follows them into the room only to witness the three figures kill the boy whose body seems to fold in on itself as it disappears without a trace.

This boy turned out to be a demon disguised. The figure is two boys and one girl, our Shadowhunters. However, Shadowhunters are a secret society of demon hunters.

Clary gets sucked into this world of angels and demons where ‘Valentine’ kidnaps her mother; a rogue shadow hunter everyone thought was dead.

Clary and Simon join Isabelle, Alec, and Jace, the mysterious figures that killed the demon at the beginning of the story. 

city of bones

Later, They discover that clary is a shadow hunter-level spell put on it by its power for life Magnus bane that one that doesn’t remember anything of the Shadow World.

The group embarks on a quest that takes you through the middle of a fight between a vampire clan and a Werewolf pack. This reveals that Luke, a friend of Clary’s mother, was the werewolf Pack leader.

The Five heroes and Luke’s Pack travel to Idris, the homeland of Shadowhunters, to confront Valentine and rescue Clary’s mother. 

When confronting Valentine, Clary and Jace get separated from the group, and Valentine reveals training information about the two protagonists.

Once Valentine is losing the fight, he escapes his magic portal, closing it behind it. Cleary rescues her mother. Luke was gravely wounded in a battle with Valentine.

The only problem is that Cleary’s mother is stuck in a magic-induced coma. A Coma that nobody knows how to wake her up.

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5 Similar books like City of Bones

Here are the 5 books that are quite similar to City of Bones

Book NameAuthor/Authors NameGenre
DivergentVeronica RothScience Fiction,
The Hunger GamesSuzanne CollinsApocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction,
A Court of Thorns and RosesSarah J. MaasFantasy Fiction
The Maze RunnerJames DashnerYoung Adult Fiction
Hush, HushBecca FitzpatrickYoung Adult Fiction,
Fantasy Fiction

1. Divergent, by Veronica Roth

This dystopian novel is one of the books like shadowhunters written by Veronica Roth and quite similar authors like Cassandra Clare.

The story is set in a city that is divided into Five smaller communities or factions, each with a characteristic that they identify. ‘Amity’, the kind. ‘Candor’, the honest.

‘Abnegation’, the selfless. ‘Erudite’ the smart. ‘Dauntless’, the Braves. But some people are ‘Divergent’, which means that they fit into two or more fractions.

‘Tris’, the main character, is divergent and can belong to abnegation, erudite and dauntless. She’s faced with a choice between the three.

She leaves abnegation and joins Dauntless. Unfortunately, there’s an intense initiation process. She must prove herself worthy through physical combat living through her worst fears, and a final test of all her worries combined called a fear landscape.

Through all of this, she falls to the instructor. He is also divergent and came from abnegation as well. Luckily Tris makes it into Dauntless but not for long.

That night the dauntless faction is transformed into a mindless army by the erudite and sets out to destroy the abnegation government. 

Being divergent, Tris and Tobias could not be controlled and had to be the ones to stop the attack. They had to hack into a protected computer and shut down the soldiers.

Tris lost her mother, her father, and almost Tobias but beat the power greedy in the process.

2. The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

America has kind of been destroyed. There is now a capital where all the rich people live their fabulous lives. There are twelve districts, and all these districts produce different kinds of things.

The story is about ‘Katniss’, who lives with her mother and her sister in district 12, which is a minor district. As they are poor, She has to take care of her mother and her little sister.

‘The Hunger Game’ is an event that takes place in each year in which one girl and one boy from each district get chosen randomly. They are put in an arena, and only one can survive.

The book starts on the day of the reaping, and unfortunately, Katniss’s younger sister ‘Primrose’ gets selected. Katniss doesn’t hesitate to volunteer to appear as a tribute instead of her sister.

3. A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J. Maas

The story begins with Feyre, a young huntress forced to hunt because her merchant class family has fallen upon hard times.

One day, she’s in the woods and hunting a deer, and a giant wolf appears and wants to eat the deer. She kills the wolf because she desperately needs that food for her family.

However, she doesn’t realize that wolf is a fairy, and that night a giant horrible beast bursts into her cottage and demands her life in exchange for the life she took.

She is offered a loophole where she can either be slaughtered by this giant horrible beast or live with him across the fairyland wall. 

Read Sarah J. Mass’s A Court of Thorns, one of the similar books like City of Bones as both books are fantasy fiction.

4. The Maze Runner, by James Dashner

This is a story about Thomas, who discovers himself in a puzzling camp, The Glade, with other boys, ‘The Gladers’. However, he forgot all of the things about himself except his name.

The Gladers explain that they are imprisoned within a walled camp where one wall is a door to an intricate maze with moving walls.

Each evening, the door to the maze locks, trapping anyone still inside. The maze is also guarded by grievers, mechanical slugs that have poisonous spikes and deadly claws. 

Each boy is given a task in the Glade. Yet Thomas wants to be a Runner. He runs in the maze each day and map out the walls. I don’t want to give the spoiler of the popular book The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

5. Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick

‘Hush, Hush’ by Becca Fitzpatrick is a found girl named ‘Nora Grey’, and she is just an average high school girl.

One day in biology class, her teacher decides to sit a new kid ‘Patch’ next to each other. So they are partners for the rest of the year.

‘Nora’ finds herself getting drawn to ‘Patch’. When she gets more involved with him, she becomes more confused because she doesn’t know whether he is there to protect her or if he is there to hurt her. Moreover, she doesn’t understand if he is good or bad. 

I feel this book is one of the books like the City of bones that people love to hate. So I put this book on the list. 

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Bonus Books Of Interest

The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

This book is quite similar to City of Bones Genre as both novels are young adult fiction. The story starts with ‘Hazel Grace Lancaster’, a teenager living in the suburbs of Indianapolis who has thyroid cancer that has spread through her lungs.

As she is depressed, her mother, ‘Frannie Lancaster’, urges her to attend a weekly Cancer patient support group.

At the support group, Hazel meets ‘Augustus’. He lost a leg to bone cancer but has since been in remission. They bond over their hobbies and agree to read each other’s favorite books. 

It is a love story of two cancer patients, Hazel and Augustus. Will they survive in the end? I don’t want to give the spoiler. So, Read ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, Goodreads Choice Awards winning book for Best Young Adult Fiction.

Final Words

If you have read similar books like City of Bones or any book written by authors like Cassandra Clare, please comment below. I always love to hear from you.

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