5 Historical Fiction Books Like Copper Sun

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Have you read 2007’s Coretta Scott King Award winning book “Copper Sun”, and looking for more books with a similar plot?

You Come to the right place… 😉😎

Copper sun is one of those books that I read at school. This is a book about slavery. From my opinion, It is impossible to comprehend how culture has changed in the present without first knowing the crucial key events that took place in the past.

If you loved one of 2006’s amazing historical fiction books ‘Copper Sun’ and want to read some similar books, then take on this book list. These books are quite similar to Copper sun in different aspects.

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Copper sun Summary

Taking the Copper Sun book title from a Countee Cullen poem, Sharon draper tells about 15 years old Amari’s capture and life as a slave in 1738.

When the novel starts, Amari is a happy teenager living with her parents in an African village. When The white people entered the village, village people welcomed them undoubtedly. However, The men are there for violence. Later, they kill most of the villagers, chain and fetter the healthy youth and throw them into a slave ship.

The ship is set for America. Later, Amari is traded to Mr. Percival Derby who bought her as a birthday gift for his oldest son. Mr. Percival Derby also purchased a seventeen years old girl named Polly at the same time. 

The life of Amari and Polly is horrible on Derby’s plantation. Their intimacy was not particularly strong at first. Together with, they make a bond based on their will to survive the dreadful conditions. Later, Polly realizes that black is just human and holds the same emotion as white. Mr. derby remarried when his first wife passed away.

Mrs. Derby is pregnant and very kind to all slaves. When the baby arrive, Amari and Polly see the baby don’t hold derby’s skin when the baby is born, but it is beautiful caramel brown. Mr. Derby calls all the slaves in the courtyard and shoots the newborn baby in front of them. Amari and Polly are beaten and promised to be sold in a brothel the following day.

Copper Sun
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The next day, The girls get a chance to escape. They take Teenie’s four-year-old son Tidbit and run into the woods. The trio run for two months, endure themselves from every danger on the way to freedom.

Through all their way, three of them must believe themselves and fully depend on each other to survive. On the way, they meet many kind strangers who give them food and shelter for escape. In the end, the three children reach the gate of fort Mose, where they are safe, secure, and free from slavery.  

5 Bestselling Historical Fiction Books Like Copper Sun

Book NameAuthor/Authors NameGenre
RootsAlex HaleyHistory Fiction, Biography
Day of tearsJulius LesterFiction
Out of My MindSharon M. DraperFiction
All the Light We Cannot SeeAnthony DoerrHistorical Fiction
Chains (The Seeds of America Trilogy)Laurie Halse AndersonHistorical Fiction,
Spy Fiction

1. Roots, By Alex Haley 

Sharon M. Draper was encouraged to write down the copper sun after seeing Alex Haley’s unique book roots. Root was published in 1976.

A story of an African boy taken to America to be a slave and the book tells the story about his seven generations.

The last of whom is supposed to be the author. This book was quite successful, spending nearly a year in the New York Times bestseller books list.

This book is quite similar to the copper sun as it also about the slave trade. So, you can take this book at first choice.

2. Day of tears, By Julius Lester

On March 2 and 3, 1859, the largest auction of slaves in American history took place in Savannah, Georgia.

In that auction, about 400 slaves were sold. Julius Lester tells the story of various characters, including Emma, a janitor owned by Pierce Butler who was the caretaker of his two daughters, and Pierce, a man with crescive gambling debt and household to protect.

For ‘Day of Tears’, Julius Lester has taken a little-known real-life American event and transformed it into a heartbreaking and energetically dramatic epic about slavery.

‘Day of Tears’ is one of the best 1800’s historical fiction books that you may find quite similar to ‘Copper Sun’.

3. Out of My Mind, By Sharon M. Draper

11 years old ‘melody’ is not similar to the others. She is unable to talk or walk as she has cerebral palsy.

But she has an eidetic memory. She can think back to everything that she has observed. She is smarter than other classmates in the integrated classroom. Melody refused to lose her cerebral palsy.

In this book, Sharon Draper tells a story of a brilliant mind and a brave spirit who will forever change the way people look at anyone with a disability. I include this book in the list for the readers who are eager to read Sharon M. Draper books.

4. All the Light We Cannot See, By Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See is a historical fiction book written by Anthony Doerr, published by Scribner on May 6, 2014.

This book won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and won 2015, Andrew Carnegie Medal, for brilliance in Fiction. Anthony Doerr fills All the Light We Cannot See in almost 200 short chapters and forth between two main characters.

‘Werner Pfennig’ is a young German boy with expertise in radio engineering. ‘Marie-Laure’ LeBlanc, who is a young blind French girl has skill at reading and studying science. The story is told non sequentially, but the timeline is quite simplified for this summary. 

If you love romantic fiction, you can read these books similar to The Boy who Sneaks in My Bedroom Windows.

5. Chains (The Seeds of America Trilogy), By Laurie Halse Anderson

It’s 1776, and Isabel, Curzon, and Ruth have only ever known life as slaves. But now America is in turbulence—they are asking for freedom from England spreading like fire, and with it is a whole new type of uncertainty.

Especially, if you are a slave, Laurie Halse Anderson indicates the lengths we can go to discard our chains, both physical and psychological.

Bonus Book of Interest

Long Way Down, By Jason Reynolds

Edgar Award and Newbery Medal awards winning book ‘Long Way Down’ is a fast and furious brilliant look at teenage gun violence, as Jason Reynolds could only tell.

Fifteen-year-old Will has propelled in the back waistband of his jeans. See, his brother Shawn was just assassinated. However, Will knows the laws. No crying. No finking. Only Revenge.

SOLD, By Patricia McCormick

Patricia McCormick tells the story of a girl named Lakshmi, a thirteen-year-old girl who lives with her family in a small mountain hut in Nepal.

But when the Himalayan monsoonal washes away all that remains of Lakshmi’s family’s crop, Lakshmi’s stepfather decides that Lakshmi should take a job to help her family.

So, He brings her to an alluring stranger. Later, he sold her to prostitution. ‘SOLD’ is a distressing account of sexual slavery. This powerful novel proffers a world that is as unthinkable as it is real and tells about a girl who persists and prevails.

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12 Years a Slave, By Solomon Northup

2013’s oscar-winning movie 12 Years a Slave is written by Solomon Northup. This book tells the real story of Solomon Northup, born and raised as a freeman in America.

He lives with a wife and two kids. Suddenly, one day he was drugged, kidnapped, and later sold as a slave. Solomon Northup tells the story of 12 hard years to live as a slave, which may be more graphic and sorrowful than the film.

If you read any other similar books like cooper sun, feel free to comment below. I would love to know your opinion. 😍😍

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