8 Captivating Books Like Diary of an Oxygen Thief

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Here, I analyzed and researched some fiction and self help and made a list of 8 books that might suit your taste.

Also I include affiliate link of each book. If you purchase, I will get a small commission. That will motivate me to find more books for you.

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Diary of an Oxygen Thief Summary

Diary of an Oxygen Thief became popular after it was published. Amazon and iTunes listed this book in the top 20 best-selling books from 2006 to 2016. The Diary of an Oxygen Thief book is about an unknown man living in London who works as a freelancer and advertiser.

However, he spent his time miserable and disappointed. But when it comes to women, his mood severely changes. He enjoys acting as a dream guy for their amusement. In contrast, the girls are deeply in love. He is only scheming mischievously. In the end, finally accomplishing his one goal, he drops a deadly heartbreak kindly and intriguing.

Diary of an oxygen thief

After a couple of years of living in London, his boss gives him a promotion that he can not refuse. He flies out to the United States, where he looks for a finer way of life. However, he promises himself to put his psychopath’s ways behind. In The United States, he lives the American dream with the house, the car, and the money. But somehow, he fails to feel accomplished. Instead, he is homesick and depressed as a year passes.

An important moment comes to his life when he is assigned to make a presentation before his new job. After the meeting, he encounters a new employee who relates to him as a friend of hers. A few months pass when he is deliberately depressed and is on the job in New York. He encounters a young woman. He is forced to associate with her when he notices her glamorous eyes and feels strangely attached. The novel continues with a man’s life. However, this is for readers to discover the rest of the story…

8 Erotic Books Like Diary of an Oxygen Thief

Here I list down eight books similar to Diary of an Oxygen Thief.

Book NameAuthor/Authors NameGenre
Art of SeductionRobert GreeneSelf-Help
House of LeavesMark Z. DanielewskiHorror Fiction
Go Ask AliceAnonymousYoung Adult Fiction
Great ExpectationsCharles DickensBildungsroman,
Social Criticism
For One More DayMitch AlbomPsychological Fiction
Letting Ana GoAnonymousFiction
The Woman in the WindowA.J. FinnFiction,
Madame BovaryGustave FlaubertLiterary Realism, Fiction

1. Art of Seduction, by Robert Greene 

One of the must read books like Diary of an Oxygen Thief is Robert Greene’s Art of Seduction. Robert Greene breaks this book into two parts. In the first part, he elaborates on what the seductive character is. There are nine seducers out there, plus there’s something called the Anti-seducer.

The second part is the seductive process. Greene includes here 24 maneuvers and strategies to bring about seduction. Some of you out there are probably protesting the whole idea of seduction and what it does, and you may feel like taking advantage of people. Moreover, this is a power that truly exists. By becoming aware of it, you can also educate yourself so that you don’t become a victim of it yourself.

This is one of the books related to the Diary of an Oxygen Thief in a manner that “Art of Seduction describes the process”, and the “Diary of an Oxygen Thief shows the implementation.”

If you have already read this book and looking for some best books on seduction than here are ten best books about seduction.

2. House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski

This is one of the books similar to diary of an oxygen thief that is worth your time if you’re a fan of horror fiction or experimental literature reader in general. ‘House of Leaves’ is written by Mark Z. Danielewski and published in the year 2000.

The entire novel revolves around a man named ‘Johnny Truant’ who found scattered manuscript pages in an older man’s home. The man has died, and his name is ‘Zampano’. Zampano Supposedly wrote this book that Johnny finds…

Image from @crowandkraken

Zampano was writing about a house that a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer and his family are moving into. The photographer thought to document all his entire moving inexperience. He sets up cameras all over the house to document his first year living there with his family.

However, some spooky things are going on in his house that are caught in the camera. To make you feel the horror of the story, I shall avoid giving a House of Leaves summary. In addition, you can find eleven best books related to House of Leaves here.

3. Go Ask Alice, by Anonymous

‘Go Ask Alice’ is allegedly based on the diary of a teenage girl who develops a drug habit, and her life goes in one huge downward spiral. The girl is 15 when she starts writing about her school, not feeling like she fits in and not feeling like anyone understands her.

Though the author was anonymous, it was edited by a woman named ‘Beatrice Sparks’ in the 70’s and she claimed that the book is based on some real diaries that she found and edited into a book. If you love Go Ask Alice, here are seven anonymously written books like Go Ask Alice for you.

4. Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens

‘Great Expectations’ is the 13th novel of Charles Dickens, Written during the time of 1812 to 1817. It is the second novel after David Copperfield, where Charles Dickens narrates the story from a first-person perspective.

Charles Dickens narrates the coming-of-age of ‘Pip’, an orphan adopted by a low-income family in England.

Pip grows up to find happiness through friendship and love rather than money and social status despite a hard childhood. He lived with his crooked sister and her husband, ‘Joe,’ also a blacksmith.

Great Expectations Book
Image from @readandcobooks

While Pip visits his parent’s grave, a convict comes up to him and asks for some food and a nail file to escape his chains. Pip helps him out but later finds out he got caught by the police. Joe’s uncle, ‘Pumblechook’, decides to introduce Pip to a rich bride named ‘Miss Havisham’ and her adopted daughter ‘Estella’. Pip loves Estella at first sight. But Estella gave Pip the cold shoulder.

Pip begins as a blacksmith with Joe, but soon a lawyer named ‘Jagger’ comes and tells Pip that an anonymous donor has funded Pip with money to move London and train to become a gentleman with great expectations..

5. For One More Day, by Mitch Albom

This book is about ‘Charley Benetto’, who wants to commit suicide because his only daughter will not allow him to go to her wedding because he is drunk and so ashamed of him.

He is living on his own now and wants to go to his childhood home to kill himself. When he’s there, he finds his mother, who died eight years earlier, standing in the kitchen and making eggs. The story and characters are matched with each other because memories tell the story. So it kind of jumps around back and forth, starting from early childhood up to his life.

6. Letting Ana Go, by Anonymous

Anna’s life is described in diary format as she tracks eating habits and feelings for her track coach. Her parents’ pressures split having a new boyfriend and staying to sit for tracks or revealed as she enters her current weight. The stress affects Anna’s Appetite. As she begins to lose weight, she starts the way she looks and feels.

She soon obsessed with losing a few pounds to fit into her stunning homecoming dress. As she wants to be different from other girls, she avoids her eating habits. This attitude leads her down to a dangerous path of anorexia.

Her friend Jill is working hard to keep weight off and together track their food and count calories. Read to find out what happens to Anna as her mother struggles to keep her safe from letting a day go down this dangerous path.

7. The Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn

The synopsis of this book is the main character, the protagonist, who lives in New York. She has a house there, and she never leaves the house. She has agoraphobia. So she is too scared of the outside world. And She doesn’t interact with too many people. She only regularly visits with her physical therapist, who comes to her home, and her psychiatrist, who also visits her often. The book also mentioned that she has a husband and daughter, but they have separated. The second storyline is why they are separated and why she is so scared of the outside world.

The main storyline starts emerging once her new neighbor moves in. It’s a family with a mother, father, and son. They seem like a perfect family until ‘Anna’ looks out the window and sees something that she shouldn’t have seen in their living room. After that, her perception of them changes, and she realizes that she might be hiding something.

8. Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert

In the introduction of ‘Madame Bovary’, readers meet Charles, a shy teenager. Charles struggles through his years of schooling to eventually become a doctor. He weds a widow through a marriage arranged by his mother. But visiting a patient in a nearby town, Charles meets the patient’s daughter ‘Emma’ and grows fond of her. After his wife dies unexpectedly, he proposes marriage to Emma, who agrees to marry him. 

I don’t want to give the full spoiler of the book. Read Fiction Prize and Arts Queensland Steele Rudd Australian Short Story Award-winning Madame Bovary book written by Gustave Flaubert. If you’re looking for Diary of an Oxygen Thief similar books, this is a perfect book to read after that.

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Final Words

If you read any other books like Diary of an Oxygen thief, please share your feelings about it, I always love to know from you.

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