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‘Digital Fortress’ is a thriller, but it is more than a thriller. It’s something called a techno-thriller novel. Whereas normal thrillers just tend to be exciting. This one is also trying to be highly realistic. So, all the terminology, technology, and procedure you would have to go through in real life are included in this book. 

If you are looking for books like Digital Fortress, full of Mystery and Thrill, You are in the right place. Here, I review some books like Digital Fortress that readers like you may love to read. I also review some books that are written by authors like Dan Brown.

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Summary of Digital Fortress

Published in 1998, ‘Digital Fortress’, one of the best techno thriller books, is written by Dan Brown. Like Brown’s other books, ‘Digital Fortress’ is also a spicy blend of captivating storyline meticulously crafted characters all thrown into one fast phased timeline. However, at the same time, ‘Digital Fortress’ is also a wild departure from Brown’s usual narrating style. 

This book is all about technology. The best part is that you don’t even need to be a tech expert to understand whatever is going on. 

Digital Fortress

The book is based upon the USA’s National Security Agency (NSA) which acts as a watchdog for the U.S. Government. The crypto team recently encountered a computer code which they are unable to break. Even the NSA’s code-breaking supercomputer has failed to decipher the code and sent shock waves through the department. And to add another layer to thrill through it, the maker of this code has mysteriously died and left behind one passkey. 

This story has two protagonists. One, Susan Fletcher, is the lead Cryptographer. Another is David Becker, who is her fiance and a professor. David and Susan’s story runs parallel through the book where one side, Susan and NSA, try all possible ways to decipher the code and gather more information. At the same time, David finds himself in Spain, where he’s on the lookout for the passkey. Read ‘Digital Fortress’ to know what happened next.

7 Best Thriller Books Like Digital Fortress

Here I list 7 techno thriller books similar to Digital Fortress written by authors similar to Dan Brown

Book NameAuthor/Authors NameGenre
PreyMichael CrichtonTechno-Thriller
The Hunt For Red OctoberTom ClancySpy,
Political Thriller
The Da Vinci CodeDan BrownCrime Fiction
Zero DayJan GangseiMystery
The FirmJohn GrishamCrime Thriller,
DisclosureMichael CrichtonCrime Fiction,
The Girl on the TrainPaula HawkinsPsychological Fiction, Mystery

1. Prey, By Michael Crichton

‘Prey’ is a techno-thriller novel written by Michael Christian published in 2002. The theme for ‘Pray’ is that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. 

Throughout the book, the origin of stress for the ‘Xymos’ company is the time frame of the business. ‘Jack’ would frequently comment on how quickly the fields seemed to progress and how things always happen faster than anticipated. The Xymos never paused to accomplish their goals, which ultimately led to their destruction. Instead, they only thought of creating something inventive and knew not of what could also happen as a result. 

They took shortcuts and pushed boundaries farther than they could manage. As a result, the swarms were released into the wild plaguing the fab plant and the workers themselves. The swarms evolved much faster than the company ever realized, and eventually, the swarms became stronger than their creators. 

Instead of being symbiotic with ‘Julia’ and the workers, they became parasitic. ‘Jack’ may soon realize that ‘Julia’ and the fab workers had become more sworn than humans and were forced to destroy both the workers and the swarms themselves. Julia and the rest of Xymos pushed their limits too far and created something they could not handle. When Jack returned, he did something Xymos never considered. He stopped and thought. Jack realized that it’s science progressed, things would only grow more complex, and that just because something was possible didn’t mean it was right. If you love Digital Fortress, this book will insight you till the end…

2. The Hunt For Red October, By Tom Clancy

This book is about a nuclear missile submarine. The submarine is called ‘Red October,’ and its captain name is Marko Ramius. Red October is a Russian submarine, and the captain decides that he no longer wants to live in the Soviet Union. So, he plans to defect to the United States. The Soviet Union Discover this but a little too late. So, they sent out everything they got to find ‘Red October’. 

3. The Da Vinci Code, By Dan Brown

In this book, we open up with the murder. This is a bizarre murder that takes place at the ‘Louvre Museum’ in Paris. Aside from the body of the victim, who also happens to be the museum’s caretaker, there is a mysterious puzzle, a mathematical message. The caretaker carved a pentagram in his chest or painted it with his blood.

it’s a very bizarre and strange crime scene. So, the police call in ‘Robert Langdon’, our main character. He comes to help them make sense of this crime scene, and he happens to get a partner in this novel named ‘Sophie.’ She’s also a cryptologist for the cops, and her father has a mysterious pagan background.

So, even before we know what our characters are searching for in this novel, the keystone is a central piece in the search for the holy grail, and they’re being pursued by various people. It’s this colossal suspense story that plays out here. Without a doubt, this is one of the books similar to Digital Fortress in this list.

4. Zero Day, By Jan Gangsei

‘Addie Webster’ is Eight years old, and she’s playing with her best friend ‘Darrow Fergusson’ in her home in Virginia.

She walks down the hallway to see her little sister, and she’s kidnapped. She’s taken from her house. But, Addie is not just anybody’s little girl. She’s the governor of Virginia Webster’s daughter. and she’s kidnapped from the governor’s home in Virginia. 

Eight years later, Addie reappears, and her father is no longer governor. Instead, he’s the president of the United States. How did Addie get back?

What did Addie agree to get back home? Will the secret service even allow Addie next to the most powerful man in the world? Read ‘Zero Day.’ A fast-paced, thrilling book set in the streets of D.C. and the surrounding counties of Northern Virginia. If you like Digital Fortress, this book is for you…

5. The Firm, By John Grisham

Mitch McDeere, a recent Harvard Graduate, is approached by a small but prestigious firm in Memphis. They throw tons of money at him with perks like a BMW and a low mortgage rate on the house with his wife, Abby. After passing the bar, he is approached by an FBI agent named Tarrance. Tarrance implies that the Bandini Law Firm has tried with the Chicago mafia. He also implies that the recent death of two associates was planned, and Mitch’s car and house are bugged.   

6. Disclosure, By Michael Crichton

The story takes place at an imaginary computer hardware manufacturing firm. The story follows the protagonist ‘Tom Sanders’ as he tries to prove that his female boss sexually assaulted him.

Sexual harassment is the central theme of this book. It is based on a true story of a male employee who is sexually abused by a female executive, reversing gender roles, according to Crichton. Both postfeminist and antifeminist have been used to describe the novel. However, at the conclusion of the book, Crichton offers a rebuttal, claiming that a “role-reversal” story reveals aspects of the subject that would not be as readily seen with a female protagonist. Undoubtedly, This is one of the books like Digital Fortress in this list.

7. The Girl on the Train, By Paula Hawkins

‘Rachel’ is obsessed with her ex-husband ‘Tom,’ who abandoned her for another woman named ‘Anna.’ They eventually marry and have a daughter named ‘Evie.’ 

Rachel was fired from her work due to her alcoholism. Even though she is now unemployed, she continues to take the same train to London twice a day as she did before. The train passes by Tom’s old home, where Tom now lives with her new family.

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She also develops an obsession with a charming young couple who live only a few houses away from Tom and Anna. She is obsessed with the pair. As a result, she daydreams about their ideal marriage. But, unfortunately, ‘Jason’ and ‘Jess’ are her made-up names for them. Scott and Megan are their real names. Indeed, their union is far from ideal. Additionally, Here are seven books to read if you like The Girl on The Train.

Final Words From Us

Hope you get your answer. Don’t hesitate! Order any book that you find interesting. Also, if you have read any other similar books like Digital Fortress, feel free to comment below. I always love to hear from you.

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