8 Magical Realism Books Like Garden Spells

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If you are a compulsive reader, you usually spend a significant amount of your time looking for different categories of books to satisfy your imagination. But here you need not to waste your time searching for books that you’re going to read next. Because I have researched a particular genre of books for you. Imagine a book that brings you drama and complex domesticity with a twist of magic and fiction.

In this article, I’m about to review similar domestic fiction books like garden spells that are spellbinding and practical. I also review some books that are written by some great authors like Sarah Addison Allen. So this review is intended for readers who love to read from multiple points of view. The strong female characters are also exemplary in these stories.

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About Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Sarah Addison Allen made her debut with the novel “Garden Spells”. One of the best practical realism books – “Garden Spells” set in a small town called Bascom in North Carolina. A peculiar family called the Waverley lived there and owned a garden with mystical powers.

Garden Spells (novel) tells the story of an enchanting apple tree in this garden with a special power and the interesting people protecting it. So books like Garden Spells will interest you with domestic drama and mesmerize you with the plot’s magical realism. The fiction begins with Claire Waverley, the only remaining family member in Boscom who tends the family’s historic garden. Claire successfully runs a catering business with edible flowers harvested in the enchanted soil of her garden.

She is very protective of the apple tree in her garden that has the power to show the person his most prominent event in life who eats it. So, she attempts to keep people away from eating the apples because it might terrify them. She is entirely alone and reclusive owing to the abandonment by her mother and younger sister. The ghost of her past induces her to dismiss her neighbor, Tyler Hughes, who develops an attraction towards her. Her only ally is an elderly cousin named Evanelle.

Evanelle can miraculously offer people exactly what they need before they even need it. So Claire devotes herself to her business and tries her best to keep people away from her garden’s supernatural powers. But her life takes a turn when her younger and wilder sister, Sydney, arrives after ten years with her five-year-old daughter ‘Bay’.

Garden Spells
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Sydney returns to Bascom with her daughter to escape from her abusive boyfriend, David. Their sudden arrival interrupts Claire’s carefully constructed isolation. Nonetheless, Claire decides to support her sister by giving her a job in the catering business. However, the Waverley sisters are looked down upon by society as they struggle to make a better life.

No doubt, the family’s future is miraculously connected with their enchanting garden. Let’s not spoil the mystery any further. Read “Garden Spells” and unravel the magic within.

8 Best Books Like Garden Spells:

Here I includes 8 best spell books for beginners that you may find similar to ‘Garden spells’, written by some authors like Sarah Addison Allen –

Book NameAuthor/Authors NameGenre
First FrostSarah Addison AllenLiterary Fiction
The Sugar QueenSarah Addison AllenDomestic Fiction
Lost LakeSarah Addison AllenDomestic Fiction
ChocolatJoanne HarrisRomance
The Strawberry ThiefJoanne HarrisMagical Realism,
Domestic Fiction
Practical MagicAlice HoffmanRomance Drama
The Book CharmerKaren HawkinsRomance Domestic, Fiction
The Keeper of Lost ThingsRuth HoganLiterary Fiction

1. First Frost, by Sarah Addison Allen

“First Frost” is the ultimate book to read if you loved reading “Garden Spells.” However, this book is a sequel to “Garden Spells,” published in 2015 by Sarah Addison Allen. The story is set in the same enchanting world of the Waverley family, where three engaging female characters Claire, Sydney, and Bay, struggle through a season change.

The story progresses with Claire’s anxiety over the apple tree while carrying out a new venture named “Waverly Candies,” Sydney’s insatiable wish for a child and Bay hopelessly falling for someone.

Waverley women struggle to keep their family together when a mysterious stranger turns up. Throughout this arduous change of season, Waverley Family’s long-awaited event, First Frost approach with extraordinary revelations.

2. The Sugar Queen, by Sarah Addison Allen

The Sugar Queen is about the story of two female leads. Josey, a posthumous child, born in a wealthy family but is despised and hidden by her mother. Unaware of her late father’s secrets, Josey contents herself hiding in her closet eating sweets. But her life changes when Della Lee turns up in her home.

On the other hand, Chloe Finley is bearing the brunt of her boyfriend, Jake. After Chloe parted ways with Jake, she meets Josey, and their life takes an unexpected turn.

3. Lost Lake, by Sarah Addison Allen

Another magnificent Spells novel of magical realism by Sarah Addison Allen is “Lost Lake.” In this story, there is an enchantment flow in a Lake. The magic was first encountered by Eby pim when he saw his future in the lake. Years later, Eby decides to give up the lake to the developers.

Kate Pheris and her daughter Devin are looking for their way back to Lost Lake in the hope of finding closure, peace, and love. But they need to get there before it’s too late to unravel the mystery of the Lost Lake.

4. Chocolat, by Joanne Harris

When I started pondering about books similar to Garden Spells, this book instantly came to my mind. “Chocolat” likewise tells the story of women who inherit a kind of family magic.

Vianne Rocher and her daughter, Anouk, are nomad chocolateries. They use their mysterious magic to run the chocolat business in a French village where they recently settled. But they end up disturbing the church for their witchery beliefs.

5. The Strawberry Thief, by Joanne Harris

A sequel to Joanne Harris’s “Chocolat,” “The Strawberry Thief” is magical, atmospheric, and charming. Once more, in the same village of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes, Vianne Rocher comes across a dispute. This time it’s not with the church but within her family. And again, the arrival of a stranger to the village stirs tensions and unknown fear in the community.

6. Practical Magic, by Alice Hoffman

Practical Magic, one of the best Alice Hoffman books, and is quite similar to Garden Spells when it comes to the two female protagonists in Gillian and Sally Owen. The practical magic spell book also revolves around magic like the book Garden Spells. The magic connects the Owen women back together though they try to run away from their fate.

Books like practical magic are similar to Books Like Garden Spell and Alice Hoffman is one of famous authors similar to Sarah Addison Allen.

7. The Book Charmer, by Karen Hawkins

This story is similar to Claire’s, born in a magical family where Sarah Dove discovers books can talk. How this peculiar gift can help the people and city Sarah loves so much is uncertain, but she knows someday and it will prove to be a blessing.

8. The Keeper of Lost Things, by Ruth Hogan

If you are intrigued by the magic of Garden Spells, The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan will also give you the magic and meaning you crave in life. A quest of losing and finding ourselves are moving and fantastical.

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Bonus book of Interest

The World that We Knew, by Alice Hoffman

If you like the magical realism aspect of Garden Spells, you will surely love “The World that We Knew” by Alice Hoffman.

This Spell novel uses magical realism to challenge the trauma of the Holocaust in WW2. Ettie and Lea are led by a magical creature of Jewish myth, Golem to resist and love in the most heartbreaking part of our history.

A Secret History of Witches, by Louisa Morgan

Louisa Morgan tells a story that resembles Sarah Addison Allen’s Garden Spell in the concept of domestic magic. Five generations of a historic family that produce powerful witches. The magical power of the witches is treacherous as well as exceptional. If you like Sarah Addison Allen, This book can also mesmerize you with it’s magical story.

One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

So finally, we come to the end of our list and saved the best for the last. One Hundred Years of Solitude resembles Garden Spells in the magical realist style of writing.

It is the story of seven generations of the Buendía Family in the fictional town of Macondo. Gabriel García Márquez’s masterpiece is widely acclaimed and will not fail to amazed you with its literary brilliance.

Final Words:

Hope you like this article. “Check The Price”, if you want to add any of these books to your collection. If you read any other similar books like Garden Spell from any authors similar to Sarah Addison Allen, feel free to comment below. I always wish to know your opinion.

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