10 Historical Fiction Books Like Gone With The Wind

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There is hardly any person who doesn’t read or heard the book ‘Gone with the wind’. Through the novel, American popular culture has been shown. There is also some controversy about, is Gone with the wind a good book? Most probably, you also heard about the book and want to know more about it.

Otherwise, you had already read the book and wondering, “Is there any other books like Gone with the wind?” It is really difficult to find some classic historical fiction as amazing as Gone with the wind. It can also be time consuming and frustrating.

So, here just for you, I did my research to create a summary of Gone with the wind and to make a list of suggestion. Thus, you can find some must read classic novels in one list.

Anyway, if you love this popular historical fiction and want to read more novels like Gone with the wind, here’s the list of suggestions for you where you can find books similar to Gone with the wind to read. 

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About Gone With the Wind

Being published in 1936, ‘Gone with the wind’ became the top American fiction bestseller in 1936 & 1937. Later in 2014, a Harris poll (an American market research & analytics company) listed this book as the second favorite American novel where the first favorite book was the Bible.  

‘Gone with the wind’ book reviews some dramatic and interesting characters’ lifestyles and experiences during and after the Civil War. American writer Margaret Mitchell writes those incidents and experience in this novel.

The main character of the novel is a 16-year-old spoiled daughter of a wealthy man, ‘Gerald O’Hara’. Whose name is ‘Scarlett’. Among the three daughters of this Georgia plantation owner, she is the oldest. Although in possession of a striking ability to charm and attract men, she is described as not beautiful.

From the beginning of the story, she realizes that she loves her neighbor ‘Ashley Wilkes’, Who recently announces his cousin Melanie Hamilton’s engagement. She confesses her love to Ashley and also feels confident that he will return the same. However, not only he refuses her love, but also he really means to marry Melanie. Scarlett reacts poorly. She calls him a coward and insists that he is afraid of submitting his real feelings for her.

Gone with the Wind book
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The situation gets more embarrassing when she finds out ‘Rhett Butler’ has overheard everything. After that, she accepts a marriage proposal from none other than Melanie’s brother ‘Charles Hamilton’ because of feeling vengeful.

Two weeks later, they get married. Then only two months later, Charles dies in the war. Later, she gives birth to his child. She regrets her reckless decision to marry Charles. After that, she finds herself engaging in different and interesting events. She still wants her life to turn around and intends to do anything that will help that cause.

‘Gone with the wind’ portrays American lifestyles during and after the war distinctly. That’s why the novel is still one of the most popular books among readers.

10 Books like Gone with the Wind

Here are the 10 books that you may find similar to Gone with the Wind.

Book NameAuthor/Authors NameGenre
The Black SwanDay TaylorNon-Fiction
The Thorn BirdsColleen McCulloughHistorical Fiction,
The Wind Done GoneAlice RandallHistorical Fiction
RootsAlex HaleyHistorical Fiction,
Testimony of Two MenTaylor CaldwellMedical Fiction
The Memories of CleopatraMargaret GeorgeHistorical Fiction
An Extraordinary UnionAlyssa ColeHistorical Fiction,
Spy Fiction
Lonesome DoveLarry McMurtryWestern Fiction
Lamb in His BosomCaroline MillerHistorical Fiction
East of EdenJohn SteinbeckFiction Romance 

1. The Black Swan, By Day Taylor

The first book-form the list of the books like Gone with the wind is ‘The black swan’ by Day Taylor. It was published in 1984. By the black swan book summary, it can be described as a romantic historical fiction novel.

The story takes place in the south during the Civil War between the years 1852 to 1865. The protagonists of the book are two characters. The first one is ‘Adam Tremain’, the captain of the black swan. Later, he refuses his loyalty to the south. And then he turns into a blockade runner to transport fugitive slaves to freedom.

‘Dulcie Moran’, the beautiful, rebellious daughter of Savannah’s most successful slave-breeder, is the other main character. With the twist of deceit, betrayal, jealousy, emotions, and pride throughout their epic love story, it comes out against the background of land of war.

2. The Thorn Birds, By Colleen McCullough

A classic romantic family drama is The Thorn Birds’ which is written by Colleen McCullough. The novel is about a family, ‘The Clearys’. With one daughter and six sons, ‘Paddy Clearys’ and his wife ‘Fiona’ moves to Drogheda, where his wealthy childless widow older sister lives.

After she offers him a job. ‘Meggie’, the only daughter of Paddy and Fiona, becomes the center of the story. When her love story begins with a priest name ‘Ralph’, he move to Sydney to begin his fast advance in Church. After being heartbroken, Meggie gets involved in a miserable marriage. The twist and tragedy of the story build-up, which will quite work on your fantasy. 

3. The Wind Done Gone, By Alice Randall

If you are looking for books like Gone with the wind, you must read ‘The Wind Done Gone’ by Alice Randall. Basically, ‘The wind Done Gone’ tells an alternative story of Gone with the wind book.

While Gone with the wind is a story of a spoiled daughter of a wealthy slave owner, ‘Scarlett O’Hara’, and her way of life during the Civil War. On the other hand, This is the story of the life of a slave, owned by ‘O’Hara’ named ‘Cynara’ during the exact time period. 

4. Roots, By Alex Haley

‘Roots’ by Alex Haley is a combination of documented historical & fictionalized occurrences. After becoming a writer, Alex decides to collect the stories about his prior generations and tells the story to the world.

He used to hear stories from his grandmother. About how his past generations were victims of slavery. And how they suffered from enslavement generations after generations. The sufferings end after they finally achieved their freedom and became a prosperous family. Alex’s mother is the first person from that family who went to college. 

5. Testimony of Two Men, By Taylor Caldwell

‘Testimony of Two Men’ by Taylor Caldwell, tells the story of a remarkable physician name ‘Jonathan Farrier’.

Throughout the novel, his tragic past and threatened present have been described how an angry idealist becomes infamous through the whole town of ‘Hambledon’, how the people of the town tell lies to suppress their talented young doctor. And how the new medical frontiers are used as a way of retrieval and predilection. The novel is a classic fictional drama to add to your collections.

6. The Memoirs of Cleopatra, By Margaret George

Historical fiction by bestselling author Margaret George from the list of books similar to Gone with the wind is ‘The Memoirs of Cleopatra’.

The novel is about the life of the queen of the Nile, ‘Cleopatra’. It begins from her early age under the rule of her father, ‘Ptolemy XII’. And it leads to the event of her suicide. The story tells the magnetic tales of the glamorous kingdom, pioneering, passion, and betrayal. This historical novel is one of the best of all time.

7. An Extraordinary Union, By Alyssa Cole 

‘An Extraordinary Union’ by Alyssa Cole is romantic historical fiction. The story takes place at the time of the Civil War. The protagonist of the novel is two courageous spies, ‘Elle Burns’ and ‘Malcolm McCall’.

They share a common cause and play the roles of two undercover agents. And also, there has been described an undeniable attraction between them. They find a plot that would turn the tide of the war in favor of the Confederacy, after when they join the forces. The story turns into an intriguing twist and one of the best breathtaking thrillers of all time.

8. Lonesome Dove, By Larry McMurtry  

‘Lonesome Dove’ by Larry McMurtry is a western novel. It is the Lonesome dove series’ first published book. However, chronologically it is the third installed story in the series. The story is about the past disruptive wilderness of America.

Throughout the novel the adventure and the relation of the retired ‘Texas Rangers’ have been described. In the Lonesome Dove book, the diversity of the society has been pointed out among Texas people to Montana.

9. Lamb in His Bosom, By Caroline Miller 

A classic fiction novel about woman’s nature and progression is ‘Lamb in His Bosom’ by Caroline Miller. The story takes place in the south in a rural area, two decades before the Civil War.

After her marriage, the story’s lead, a poor white woman, faces struggle in her daily life. Living through the rural culture, she experiences ups and downs in her personal life and extended family. In the Lamb in His bosom book, ‘Lamb’ brilliantly shows the thoughts, nature, and environment around the woman.

10. East of Eden, By John Steinbeck 

One of the greatest creations of an American novel, prize-winning author John Steinbeck is the ‘East of Eden’.

The story describes the twisted portions of the ‘Trasks’ and the ‘Hamiltons’, two families, how their generations get connected to the collapse of Adam and Eve and the toxic conflict between Cain and Abel. East of Eden is the story of an unexplainable love, lacking affection and tragic murderous consequences.

Bonus book of Interest

The Sound and The Fury, By William Faulkner

‘The sound and The fury’ book tells the Compson family’s history, which is a modernist novel with a tragic story of the family. The sound and The Fury’s characters are some of the most remarkable and unforgettable through literature history.  

The Great Gatsby, By F Scott Fitzgerald

One of the tragic romantic novels of all time is ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F Scott Fitzgerald. The story is about the wealthy, handsome ‘Jay Gatsby’ and his love and obsession for a beautiful young woman ‘Daisy Buchanan’. It is claimed to be one of the greatest classic novels of twentieth-century literature. 

To Kill a Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

From the published day in 1960 to the present day, ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ listed as a masterpiece of all time undoubtedly. From innocence, humanity, benevolence, affection, and irony to maturity, inhumanity, cruelty, hatred, and tragedy, the story exhibits every aspects of human behavior, which is why it always has been and will be one of the greatest books in the history of literature.   

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Final Words From Us

If you read any book like Gone With The Wind, feel free to comment. I will add the book in the list. Please share your opinion about these suggestions, I sincerely appreciate your thoughts.

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