6 Romantic Books Like The Boy who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window

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Have you completed ‘The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window’??? Love that book, and come here to collect some books that match with the storyline ! Well, I can assume that you love to read Romantic fiction books at this time.👨‍👧

If you love Kirsty Moseley’s debut novel and like to read some similar books, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ve talked about similar books similar to it. These books are quite related to The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Windows with their stories.

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The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window Summary

Eight years old ‘Amber Walker’ and her ten years old brother ‘Jake’ live with their abusive father. Both of them were physically and mentally tortured by their father, where her father is sexually abusing Amber. ‘Liam’, Jake’s best friend, lives next door.

One night, Liam listens to Amber weeping, and then he climbs through her bedroom window to console her. Liam comforts her with a hug and stays with her all night. From the day, Liam snuck into her room at every night.

Though Amber is a traumatized child, Liam’s touch is the only physical contract that does not agitate her. That action born a love/hate relationship that extends over the next eight years. 

The Boy who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window
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Liam is now a self-confident, flirty player who has never had any girlfriend. Amber is still mentally scarred from the abuse but has the positive constant in her life, Liam’s love. Together they make a lovely pair. 

Another meaningful relationship is the bonding between Amber and her brother Jake. Jake has considered himself as the protector of his sister ever since their father started abusing them.

Jake is an overprotective brother who threatens each guy who shows little interest in Amber. Amber and Liam keep their relationship secret from Jake, fearing his reaction. When Jake finds out, he does not react as I expect. 

If you are a romance novel lover, read the boy who sneaks in my bedroom window.

6 Similar Books Like The Boy who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window

These books are quite similar to The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Windows

Book NameAuthor/Authors NameGenre
The Boy and His AngelKirsty MoseleyRomance Fiction
Always YouKirsty MoseleyRomance,
Dystopian Fiction
My Life Next DoorHuntley FitzpatrickYoung Adult Fiction
By Your SideKasie WestFiction
BullyPenelope DouglasrRomance
The Coincidence of Callie & KaydenJessica SorensenContemporary Romance

1. The Boy and His Angel, By Kirsty Moseley

‘The Boy and His Angel’ is the sequel of ‘The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Windows’. The story is set five years after the ending of The boy who sneaks in my bedroom windows. If you love the first one, you need to read this book to know what happened in Amber and Liam’s relationship.

2. Always You, By Kirsty Moseley

‘Always you’ by Kirsty Moseley is a sensational love story between two best friends ‘Riley Tanner’ and ‘Clay Preston’. They know each other from their childhood. Riley Tanner never felt that she loved clay more than her friend until she came from vacation. When she saw clay, she was fascinated with him.

Clay always found Riley attractive and wanted to stay with her. It takes some time to unfold to each other as both thoughts that the other might not feel the same. Always you book has a unique story that coerces you to see two best friends fall in love with each other and fight for each other. 

3. My Life Next Door, By Huntley Fitzpatrick

‘My Life Next Door’ written by Huntley Fitzpatrick, is a summer romance of two neighbors who live entirely different lives. ‘Samantha’ lives with her strict politician mother and lives an orderly life. Garretts, a family with eight children who live in a chaotic and unorganized house, live next door.

One day Samantha meets one of them, ‘Jase’. Later, They fall in love with each other. Samantha keeps this secret from her strict mother, who doesn’t want her to communicate with Garretts’s family. I would love to recommend this book to those who looking for a summer romance book. 

4. By Your Side, By Kasie West

‘Autumn Collins’ finds herself locked in the library with ‘Dax Miller’. Autumn doesn’t know much about Miller except his reputation as a loner. He is not an good person to be stuck in the library.

First, Both of them are reluctant to talk. Then, They are trying to open up to each other. Their unique connection amuses autumn. From my opinion, this book is all about an enchanting love story by Kasia west about two teens from different social stratospheres.

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5. Bully, By Penelope Douglas

‘Tate’ was once best friends with the boy who lived next door named ‘Tarent’. They shared a good connection that Tate thought would never break.

After coming back from her father, Tate observed everything has changed. Tarent is no longer her best friend. Instead, He becomes her worst nightmare. Tate was disgraced and gossiped about all through high school. Tate started to hide, and even she went back to France to avoid Tarent. But now she is done with him. He might never change. So it is time to fight back. 

6. The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden, By Jessica Sorensen

‘Callie’ and ‘Kayden’ Lived in a small town. Kayden is a famous football player in the city on the other hand Callie is just an introverted girl with no friends.

One night, Callie sees Kayden’s father beating him. She interrupts and rescues him. Kayden and Callie don’t see each other again until fate lands them at the same college. Kayden is determined to know the girl who changed his destiny. Callie is still afraid to let anyone know the horror that happens to her at twelve. 

Bonus Book Of Interest

Wait for You, By J. Lynn

‘Wait for you’ start on the first day of class at university. ‘Avery’ is punctual and tries not to be late on course but runs into Cameron. ‘Cameron’ is a six-foot gorgeous guy and the biggest babe magnet in the university. He has an exceptional ability to make a girl do all the stupid things he wants.

Avery finds herself falling in love with Cam, who bakes her cookies and calls her sweetheart. She knows she needs to avoid him because she was tormented by a scarring event five years ago and not ready for any relationship.

Avery tries to keep herself away from Cam romantically. But when they are around each other, Cameron tries to bring out a side of Avery that she never knew existed.

Pushing the Limits, By Katie McGarry

‘Pushing the limits’ is the debut novel by Katie McGarry is all about a summer romance between ‘Echo Emerson’ and ‘Noah Hutchins’. Echo has recently lost her elder brother and lives with her new stepmother. Noah is a foster child who has a disgrace for sleeping with girls and ditching them.

At the beginning of the story, they hold on to a wrong judgment about the other. Time changes everything, they begin to fall in love, but social pressure avert them from staying together. 

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Final Word From Us

“Check The Price” To know to book’s reviews and the current price. If you read any similar Romantic young adult book like these, then feel free to comment below. I would love to know your opinion.

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