7 Psychological Fiction Books Like The Girl on The Train

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Are you interested in more books like The Girl on the train? Looking for more psychological fiction books to read? Then you have come to the right place.

If you liked ‘The Girl on the train’, here some read-alike books suggestion for you. The list of mystery thriller books will quite work on your fantasy.

You will find the books similar to The Girl on the train on this list, written by some authors like Paula Hawkins.

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About The Girl on the train

The story of ‘The Girl on the Train’ is told using the views and thoughts of three women. ‘Rachel’, ‘Anna’, and ‘Megan’.

Rachel is a 33-year-old divorcee, an alcoholic, and has memory loss problems because of impulsive drinking. She plays the leading role in the plot of the story. Rachel has an obsession with her ex-husband ‘Tom’, who left her for another girl name ‘Anna’. Later, they get married and have a daughter named ‘Evie’. Rachel lost her job because of her drinking problem. Even though after becoming unemployed, she continues to take the same train to London twice a day like old times.

The train passes by the old house where Tom and his new family live now. Also, she gets obsessed with an attractive young couple who lives a few houses away from Tom and Anna. She idolizes the couple. So, she fantasizes about their perfect marriage. She even calls them by made-up names ‘Jason’ and ‘Jess’. Their actual names are Scott and Megan. Indeed their marriage is anything but perfect.

‘Megan’ is a beautiful, attractive girl with a troubled past. She tries to escape her past and depression by having several extramarital affairs. Then she starts to see a therapist, Dr. Kamal. With whom she opens up about the darkest secret of her past life.

Anna is a beautiful young housewife. She feels thankful for her family. Even earlier on, she enjoyed Rachel’s obsession with her family. But later, she becomes enraged. She wants Rachel to be as far as possible from her family.

One day Rachel sees Megan kissing another guy from the train. She becomes furious. The day after that, she wakes up in her apartment feeling drunk, injured, and puzzled. She forgets everything about last night because of heavy drinking. She comes to know that Megan is missing.

After that Anna files a complaint against her telling about her drunkenly lurching around the night of Megan’s vanishing, police interrogate her. Rachel herself gets curious about the case. So, she gets involved in the missing case personally and helps to reveal dark and mysterious truth. At last, she becomes so much more than just a girl on the train.

7 best psychological fiction books like The Girl on The Train:

Here, I include some thriller books similar to The girl on the train that you may love to read

Book NameAuthor/Authors NameGenre
Gone GirlGillian FlynnThriller,
Bring Me BackParis, B. A.Psychological Thriller,
Psychological Fiction
Maestra L. S. HiltonThriller
Luckiest Girl AliveJessica KnollFiction,
The Woman in the WindowFinn, A. J.Thriller,
Try Not to BreatheHolly SeddonSuspense,
Second LifeS. J. WatsonThriller,

1. Gone Girl, By Gillian Flynn

‘Gone Girl’ is the perfect books to read after finishing ‘The Girl on the train’. This mysterious psychological thriller novel is about a couple named ‘Nick’ and ‘Amy’. The story begins on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary. When Nick comes home and finds out Amy is gone.

Through the investigation, there are signs of struggling in the house. Amy’s handwritten diary is also found, Which tells about their life as a married couple together. She complains about her husband being intimidating, aggressive, lazy. She also feels threatened for her life. On the other hand, Nick has so many complaints against his wife too. By and large, Nick becomes a suspect in the case. As the story goes on, it turns into a crazy mysterious plot. And reveals the darkest truth about the Gone Girl.

2. Bring Me Back, By Paris, B. A.

Another thriller fiction book filled with mystery is ‘Bring me back’. A young couple, ‘Finn’ and ‘Layla’, is living a happy life with so much love. Until one day, Layla has gone missing while they are driving back from France. Finn tells the police, he pulled the car into a service station. He went inside the station for a few minutes. At the same time, Layla stayed alone inside the car. But when he came back to the car, he didn’t find Layla anywhere.

After that, Layla went missing for twelve years. Meanwhile, Finn has started a new life with Layla’s sister, Ellen. When he gets a phone call about someone has seen Layla. Now the real question comes to mind. Is someone pretending to be Layla? If so, why? Or is it really her? Then where was she for the past twelve years? What does she want now? And what happened the night she went missing?

3. Maestra, By L. S. Hilton

Maestra is an erotic thriller novel by L. S. Hilton. if you liked the The girl on the train ‘Maestra’ will be a good choice for you. The story is about a young beautiful junior art expert, ‘Judith’. Throughout the story, her desire for an expensive lifestyle and fancy things has been seen.

She often engages in sexual intercourse to get what she desires. But she discovers some bad behavior of her boss Rupert, which makes her angry so that she decides to organize a plan of action by herself. What could her boss did to make her that angry? What is she planning on doing now?

4. Luckiest Girl Alive, By Jessica Knoll

Here another mystery novel, protagonist by a woman is ‘Luckiest girl alive’. A young woman ‘Ani Fanelli’ participates in a documentary about her life in high school. While she starts to tell about her high school life, she begins to remember past traumatic experiences. And how she forces herself to forget about the past to get a better life.

As a teenager, ‘Ani’ was desperate to be a part of the popular group of the school. Though she was a new student of the Bradley School. However, She was attracted to a senior boy named ‘Dean’. So, when he invited her to a party, she was thrilled. But at the party, he and his friends ‘Liam’ and ‘Peyton’ got her drunk and raped her. Though she was distressed, she chose not to tell anyone.

Nonetheless, the word got out. Even the principal wanted her to report the rape, which she didn’t. In the present life, she engages with ‘Luke Harrison’. He is from a famous, wealthy family.

Ani finally decides to tell the truth about her past life. But he doesn’t believe her and refuses to support her. Now, she takes some big steps to overcome her trauma with the help of some old acquaintances. And also starts to rethink her relationship with Luke. The documentary’s main reason is also a big mystery, which is revealed at the end of the story. 

5. The Woman in the Window, By Finn, A. J.

‘The woman in the window’ is a psychological thriller by A. J. Finn (real name Dan Mallory). After a car accident, ‘Anna Fox’ has agoraphobia. She has also separated from her husband and daughter and lives alone in a big house in New York. She passes her time drinking, playing and watching online games. Also, she passes her time by spying on her neighbors. Alistair, a controlling father, his wife Jane, a kind woman and their son Ethan, a polite introvert teenager.

One day, whilst watching through the window, she notices someone stabbing Jane. She calls the police immediately. But the police find Jane unharmed. And Alistair claims that everything is fine in his house. But the more the story goes on, the more it turns into a mystery.

6. Try Not to Breathe, By Holly Seddon

Another psychological thriller, ‘Try not to breathe’, is written by Holly Seddon. A fifteen years old girl Amy Stevenson’s missing case, was the biggest news in 1995. She was gone missing while walking home from school.

Three days later, she was found in a coma. It became the biggest news overnight. But the kidnapper was never found. After that, Fifteen years have passed. ‘Amy’ is still in hospital and has forgotten. Until one day, a reporter named ‘Alex Dale’ starts the investigation about the case.

The case came to her way while she was researching a routine story on coma patients. Although, she is suffering from alcoholism. Which creates problems in her marriage and professional life. So solving this long cold case would be helpful for her professional reputation as well. As the story goes on, one by one, some astonishing events start to reveal.     

7. Second Life, By S. J. Watson

‘Second life’ is a dramatic psychological thriller by S. J. Watson. He is a writer of ‘Before I go to sleep’. The story starts with the murder of ‘Kate Plummer’, a young woman who was living in Paris at the time of her murder? The police declare it a robbery gone wrong. But she may have been a victim of an internet stalker.

‘Julia Plummer’ is her elder sister. She doubted the police’s story about her sister’s death. So she decides to investigate by herself. While searching for the killer, she introduces herself to the world of online sex. Julia is a professional photographer recovering from drug addiction. She has a fourteen years old son named ‘Connor’, whose actual birth mother is ‘Kate’.

She gave up her son to her sister when she became pregnant at teenage with an unknown man. Julia’s husband is a successful surgeon name ‘Hugh’. Before Kate was killed, she was trying to get back her son. At the same time, Hugh was having some professional problems. After Julia gets involved in the murder investigation, she reveals some dark truth about the case. Which also intrigues some dark events from her past life.

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Bonus books of interest    

Sharp Objects, By Gillian Flynn

‘Sharp objects’ is another mystery novel written by Gillian Flynn. A journalist ‘Camille Preaker’ has to go back to her hometown, Missouri so that she can write about the murder of two girls.

Although she is not happy to return to her hometown. she has to return because of her boss’s order. The story includes the tragic life of Camille and horrific mystery events about the two girls’ death.

Then She Was Gone, By Lisa Jewell

Another compelling thriller novel is ‘Then she was gone.’ The story is about a fifteen years old missing girl named ‘Ellie’. And the tragic search of her mother, ‘Laurel’. A perfectly happy girl Ellie had gone missing without any clue whatsoever.

Although after ten years of her disappearance, her mother continues searching for her. The story consists of secrecy, darkness, and mystery about the missing case of Ellie.

If you read any other books like The Girl On the Train, then feel free to comment below. I would love to know your opinion.

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