10 Fantasy Fiction Books Like The Selection

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Are you fond of fantasy and futuristic novels?

Either way, you will find dystopian fiction and romanticism quite addictive. Such an addicting book is The Selection Book series by Kiera Cass.

This book series contains five books, The Selection being the first of the selection book series. Followed by-

  • The Elite
  • The One
  • The Heir
  • The Crown

So let’s begin reviewing ‘The Selection’ book and more books like The Selection.

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The Selection Book Summary

‘The Selection’ introduces us to this near-future world where society follows a caste system that divides the population into nine social classes. Ones and the top of the social class are the most prosperous, royals and the elites. Eights are the most inferior as being orphans, homeless, handicapped, and jobless.

The main character is “America Singer.” She is from the “artist” caste, Five, plays the violin, and loves to use her music to make people happy. Her caste is thought to be lower class because her survival depends on how much people like her. America loves “Aspen Leger,” but her mother makes her break up with him so she can enter the famous “Selection.”

The Selection Series Books

Selection is a competition arranged by the Prince of Illéa, ‘Maxon Schreaves’, to find him a worthy woman to marry. Aspen being a servant caste of six, cannot provide for America and therefore accepts the bribe from America’s mother to end their relationship. Thus, America Singer enters The Selection to woo ‘Prince Maxon’ and explores her deepest desire to be among “The Elites”. Read to the last book in The Selection series to get a proper closure from this fictional dystopian world.

10 Best Books Like The Selection

Here are 10 books similar to The Selection that you can read after finishing the series. They are either match in genre or written by authors like Kiera Cass.

Book NameAuthor/Authors NameGenre
The EliteKiera CassYoung Adult Fiction,
Fantasy Fiction
The OneKiera CassPsychological Fiction
The HeirKiera CassDystopian Fiction,
Fantasy Fiction
The CrownKiera Cass Fiction
DeliriumLauren OliverDystopian Fiction,
Young Adult Fiction
Princess AcademyShannon HaleFantasy Fiction
Red QueenVictoria AveyardYoung Adult Fiction,
Fantasy Fiction
Numbers GameRebecca RodeDystopian Fiction,
Science Fiction
Cinderella Is DeadKalynn BayronFantasy Fiction,
Young Adult Fiction
PawnAimee CarterDystopian Fiction,
Science Fiction

1. The Elite, By Kiera Cass

Finished reading the first book of The Selection series?

Naturally, the book to read after The Selection is ‘The Elite’, The second book of The Selection series. Three hundred years in the future in a fictional country called ‘Illéa’, The Selection contest had commenced. ‘Prince Maxon’ narrowed down the candidates to six girls ‘Celeste’, ‘Kriss’, ‘Natalie’, ‘Elise’, ‘Marlee’, and ‘America’.

America is now proud to be among the best, and Maxon is told to throw a Halloween ball to get to know the families of all the candidates. But after the ball, Marlee gets caught having an affair with one of the guards, which results in harsh punishment. The punishment is so harsh that it makes America mad at the Prince.

Her anger surges as she finds the Prince kissing Celeste. America is now heartbroken and wants to rebel against the caste system. Her rebellious nature puts her in a position where she has to make a choice.

2. The One, By Kiera Cass

Not yet done with The Selection book series?

Followed by ‘The Elite’, the time finally has come for the one to be crowned as Prince Maxon’s bride.

“America Singer” was chosen to be in The Selection, but she never thought she would get this far. America has been at odds with a lot of things in the past, and more threats are growing against her. As the end gets closer, America realizes she still has to fight more battles for love and the future she wants.

3. The Heir, By Kiera Cass

If you have read the first three books of The Selection Book series, then waste no time getting the fourth book, ‘The Heir’.

After twenty years of The Selection, the crowned winner ‘America Singer’ and her ‘Prince Maxon’ lived happily with their daughter ‘Princess Eadlyn’. Now it is the Princess’s turn to hold The Selection to find herself a suitable companion and marry just like her father did.

But Eadlyn doesn’t like the idea of getting married and wants to put it off as long as she can. She tries to get away, but she can’t. Even though Eadlyn doesn’t think The Selection will end in love, she gives it a chance because she knows it’s not impossible to have a happy ending.

4. The Crown, By Kiera Cass

Finally, the last book of the selection book series, ‘The Crown’ book review, is here. Followed by “The Heir”, ‘Eadlyn’ finally consented to hold the Selection being the first-ever Princess to do so.

Eadlyn doubts that she will fall in Love with any of the 35 suitors. She keeps counting the day when she’ll be able to send all the candidates home. Eadlyn gets confused about being alone in her life when she is brought to the spotlight. Doubtful and confused, Princess Eadlyn tries to figure out what her heart truly desires, which is, after all the most important.

5. Delirium, By Lauren Oliver

Enjoyed reading The Selection book series? Want to read more about futuristic worlds?

‘Delirium’ is another great dystopian novel that reflects The Selection book’s futuristic ideas and romanticism. To give you a Delirium book’s summary, let’s start with the fictional future world it speaks of.

The year is 2091, where civilization only exists in cities that survived several bombings of past decades. Under a totalitarian government, life is restricted as people are not allowed to stay after curfews, read banned books, listen to DFA banned music, and travel outside electric fenced borders.

But the cruelest restriction is not being allowed to Love. The government established Love to be a disease generally referred to as “Deliria”. A surgical cure for Deliria is developed and is mandatory for all above 17 years old. In a world without Love, ‘Lena’, an orphan living with her aunt and uncle in Maine, Poland, strictly lived abiding by all the restrictions and boundaries until she fell an invalid wild boy called ‘Alex’.

Before Lena’s scheduled surgery, Alex persuades her to run away. Lena, with Alex, discovers the truth of her past and joins the resistance becoming a rebel to the dictatorship. Without a doubt, this is one of the books to read if you like the selection. Additionally, here are five books to read if you like Delirium

6. Princess Academy, By Shannon Hale

‘Princess Academy’ is one of the books similar to The Selection in young women exploring their capabilities and true Love.

The book is about a place in Danland called “Mount Eskel,” where a fourteen-year-old girl named “Miri” lived. For some unknown reason, Miri is not allowed to work in the quarry (a fictional valuable stone) that isolates her from her community.

Although Miri loves her family and friend ‘Peder’ very much, she is eager to do more for her community. Her chance comes when the nation’s Prince decides to marry someone from the lowlands of Mount Eskel and therefore establishes an academy to train and teach eligible girls for a year.

Miri joins the academy with her sister ‘Marda’ and befriends another girl, ‘Britta’, at Princess Academy, where the Prince will choose a suitable companion at the end of the year. Under ‘Tutor Olana’, Miri learns and explores her strengths, abilities and plans to put them to good use for her community. This is one of the books like Selection on this list.

7. Red Queen, By Victoria Aveyard

If the fanaticism in The Selection captivated you, then ‘Red Queen’ is the book you should read next. The Red Queen book summary is about a fantasy world where people are divided into two groups by blood. People who possess silver blood are the ruling class and have divine superpowers. But ‘Mare Barrow’ is a red-blooded young girl who is generally commoner.

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Mare and her family are poor, like a lot of red bloods. Mare is hopeless and depressed, so she goes to work for a silver family. There, she learns that she has some deadly powers of her own. As a threat to the silver rule, Mare is now in a dangerous position to join the resistance against the silver.

8. Numbers Game, By Rebecca Rode

Are you looking for the futuristic thrills same as the books like The Selection?

The ‘Number Games’ is similar to the dystopian fiction of The Selection book as it tells the story of a future world where citizens are rated based on their capabilities from the most valuable to pathetic waste of space. ‘Treena’ is greatly anxious about the coming rating day where her rate will be decided. Treena’s top-rated boyfriend is confident about her and ensures Treena will join the same academy after the rating day.

Rating day declares Treena’s rate that shocks everyone. Now she is on the verge to get her life and her boyfriend, for which she is ready to go to a great extent and expose the numbers conspiracy.

9. Cinderella Is Dead, By Kalynn Bayron

What books to read after the selection series? What books can break misogyny and speak of young women is not just desirable but capable and free thinkers.

‘Cinderella Is Dead’ is indeed a book that breaks stereotypes. Two hundred years have passed since Cinderella’s fairytale, but the kingdom still requires young women to appear at the Annual Ball so the men can choose the finest companion.

‘Sophia’ detests this parading in front of suitors and wants to marry her childhood best friend, ‘Erin’. Therefore the Annual Ball exhausts Sophia, and she runs off to Cinderella’s mausoleum accidentally. There she meets the last descendant of Cinderella, Constance, and her stepsisters. They all conspire to take down the King. This conspiracy leads them to some unknown facts of Cinderella’s story that breaks down the social construct around them.

10. Pawn, By Aimee Carter

If America’s aspiration of being Elite in The Selection Book is what you found interesting, then “Pawn” is another interesting read for you. In the same dystopian plot as The Selection, ‘Pawn’ takes you to a world where a test determines the social class you will belong to.

‘Kitty’ is 17 and has to take this test. Unfortunately, the test resolved her to be a three, and she has to leave everything behind working at sewage. Her life takes a turn when she is given a rare opportunity to change her fate and become a seven-class ruling family. But the condition is that Kitty has to go through a surgical transformation to Prime Minister’s niece, ‘Lila Hart’, who died mysteriously. Kitty faces the dilemma of which paths she should take as she becomes a part of a dangerous game.

Bonus book of Interest

Wintersong, By S. Jae-Jones

Still spellbound by The Selection book’s enchanting romanticism and want more addicting books like it. ‘Wintersong’ book is another atmospheric tale to captivate you.

‘Liesel’ grew up composing music about the goblin king known to ride searching for the bride in winter. Now Liesel is all grown up and working at her family’s inn. Her mundane life turns into a dark fantasy when the goblin king and Liesel journeys take her sister to the Underground to retrieve her.

The Lost Queen, By Signe Pike

The story of conflicted romance in an atmospheric fantasy captivated you in The Selection book, so the last book on the list, similar to The Selection book series, is as enthralling.

‘The Lost Queen’ book tells the story of ‘Languoreth’ and her brother ‘Lailoken’. The siblings grew up in the land of mountains and mist and were strictly raised according to their ancestors’ Old Tradition. While a new destructive religion grew in Scotland and Languoreth’s family faced the forces of Christianity. When a conflict breaks out in the east, a hero ‘Emrys Pendragon’ takes shelter in her home, and Languoreth falls in Love with one of his warriors.

She and ‘Maelgwn’ form an enchanting connection, but she is betrothed to the son of the Christian King, ‘Rhydderch’. Languoreth tries to adapt to the world of violence to survive and preserve her kingdom in its old traditional ways. Do read the book to learn the story of bravery and Love.

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Final Words:

Have you read any similar books like The Selection??? If you do, feel free to comment below. I always love to know your point of view.

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