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This website is created and maintained by me with the help of an enthusiastic team of bookworms. Here we will pass on factual information and directional reviews about books to you.

Books like the wolf of wall Street

7 Best Books like Wolf of Wall Street

Listen to this article If you enjoyed one of 2007’s best Biographies, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ and are seeking for a read-alike, try this list. In some ways, these…

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books like 4 Hour Work Week

8 Inspirational Books Like 4 Hour Work Week

Listen to this article If you’re a compulsive reader, you probably spend a lot of time searching for different categories of book to please your imagination. However, here you will…

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Books like Huckleberry Finn

9 Picaresque Books Like Huckleberry Finn

Listen to this article The central theme of The adventure of Huckleberry Finn is the conflict between civilized society and natural life, which is in Huck’s perspective represents the freedom…

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books like norwegian wood

10 Romantic Books Like Norwegian Wood

Listen to this article First published in 1987, Norwegian Wood is a story of love and loss, which immediately became popular among the Japanese youth. If you had already read…

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