4 Awesome Tables That Look like Books for All Bibliophile

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Do you love books? Do you want to surround yourself with them and want your house to look like a library? I got the perfect table for you.

These stylish tables have a top that looks like a stack of books – perfect for any bibliophile. There is a storage shelf below each of these table is great for holding extra books or other belongings. So why not give yourself the gift of literature this year and add this table to your home décor? You won’t regret it.

Design Toscano Nettlestone Library Nested Table and Chair Set 

The perfect table for book lovers!!!

“The Nettlestone Library Table and Chair Set” is a great choice for any reading room or personal library. This beautiful, well-furnished, eye-catching set looks like books for its high-quality wooden heirloom design.

This library table set features a rich, dark mahogany finish with detailed carvings on the legs. If your home or office needs some extra seating and storage, this artistic table will be perfect for you. You can also use it as an accent piece when decorating any area in the house such as living room, dining room, den, office, bedroom, or even kitchen..


LIBRARY TABLE – This furniture piece will be a great addition to your home or office. With its versatile design, you can use it both in the living room as well as in an antechamber.

HIGH-QUALITY WOODEN HEIRLOOM – The top of this piece features an ebony finish while the rest has faux burled wood. The eye-catchy look of this table create a modern yet organic feel that will make any room more elegant!

HIDDEN COMPARTMENTS – You can keep small items such as pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. in any of these hidden compartments.


  • Item Size : 26 X 41 X 30 inches
  • Product Weight: 148 pounds or 67 Kilogram
  • Type of Fabric: MDF
  • Components: Nettlestone Library Nested Table and chair set 
  • Warranty: If you are unhappy with your purchase, you must return it within 60 days to receive a refund or an exchange.

Design Toscano The Lord Byron Stacked Books End Table Storage Furniture

A desk that looks like a stack of books!!!

This accent piece is an excellent addition for those who love feeling the look of books everywhere around them. “The Vintage Decor Stacked Books End Table Storage” will add charm to any library or living room. Additionally, The lovely antique-style table can be used as bookends for your favorite reads or display space.


WOODEN WORK – The colors in this intricately hand-painted bookshelf are the perfect addition to any room.

FOOLS YOUR EYE: With open double doors, you can store your favorite items near a chair or in an entryway without having them be scattered around you. This is a nice-looking table that looks like books at first glance.

FURNITURE FOR BOOK LOVERS – If you’re an avid bookworm, this clever addition to your room will increase its beauty. Don’t hesitate. So, This would be one of your most beloved collections as a bookish.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – Made of wood composite materials and finished with non-toxic paints and stains.


  • Item Size : 14 X 22 X 28 inches
  • Product Weight: 45.5 pounds or 20.6 Kilogram
  • Type of Fabric: MDF
  • Components: 28 Inch The Lord Byron Vintage Decor Stacked Books End Table Storage  
  • Warranty: You must return it within 60 days to receive a refund or an exchange If you are unhappy with your purchase.

Design Toscano Stacked Book End Table with Glass Top

A stylish furniture piece to complete your living room!!!

The Stacked Book Volumes End Table made of books with a Glass Top is a great decor piece for your library, den, or office. This end table features eight stacked books supported by an adjustable glass top.

The books have been aged to look like they’ve been read and handled many times over the years. The books have a distressed finish, and the glass top has a beveled edge. A great gift idea for any book lover.


HIGH-QUALITY FURNISHINGS – This uniquely designed table combines art and functionality.

ENGLISH STYLE LIBRARY DECOR – This decorative library decor will be the perfect choice for your home or office! It’s ideal for any room that needs a touch of class, sophistication, and style.

FURNITURE FOR BIBLIOPHILES – Whether you’re an reader or enjoy the beauty of books, this beautiful piece of furniture will add elegance to your living space. A great conversation piece for any book lover.


  • Item Size: 18.5 X 18.5 X 20.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 28 pounds or 12.7 kilograms
  • Assembly Required: No assembly needed. 
  • Warranty: If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, it must be returned within 60 days for a refund or exchange.

Design Toscano Stacked Wooden Book Side Table

The Design Toscano Stacked Wooden Book Side Table made of books is a unique piece of furniture that will look great in your home or library.

This book side table features a stack of books on top with a hidden drawer underneath and an open shelf on the bottom to store items as well. This wooden table made of books has been hand-crafted and hand-finished, making it one of our most popular pieces. It’s perfect for any room in your home where you have extra space for style.


FOOLS YOUR EYE – Stacked books are a clever way to use furniture for the bookworm- or literature lover. This side table “fools” your eye by appearing as stacks of old, musty volumes.

CRAFTED OF WOODS – William Shakespeare would be proud of this book decor made from the finest faux antique gilding.

HOLD NECESSITIES – The fictitious stack of books cleverly conceals a single flocked drawer for the most passionate bibliophile’s necessities.


  • Item Size : 17 X 24.5 X 24.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 40 pounds or 18.14 kilograms
  • Components: Design Toscano The Savonarola Chair: Set of Two
  • Warranty: You have 60 days to make a return or exchange after your purchase is delivered. If the product isn’t what you expected, we’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back.

Final Words:

The four tables that look like books are for all bibliophiles. I’ve rounded up some of the best pieces out there to help you find your perfect table-book hybrid match. Whether you’re looking for something light and modern or an ornately carved classic, these tables will suit every style preference–and provide hours of reading pleasure in one spot. Enjoy.

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